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The National Policy Forum offers a range of membership levels tailored to every corporate need. All membership levels provide a unique avenue for you to share your ideas with key policy-makers from The Nationals.

Members of the National Policy Forum enjoy a wide range of benefits including priority function discounts and complimentary seats at National Policy Forum events.

Throughout The Nationals history in Federal Parliament, the party has played a major role in the development of our nation and provided key leadership across a range of portfolios. Fifty-four of those years have been spent in government – more than any other party.

The Nationals have a strong track record of getting results and play a crucial role in providing important checks and balances in Parliament.

Today, The Nationals have more seats in Parliament and more influence in government.

The party’s value as a major voice in Australian politics has been demonstrated many times in our leadership on key issues. Whether it is improving our vital infrastructure like roads, bridges and freight option, agricultural policy, or greater mobile phone coverage, The Nationals are the only political party that is truly committed to fight for regional Australia.

The party has exciting plans to build stronger regions and a stronger Australia – to provide the opportunity for all Australians to achieve their potential – plans in which private enterprise will play a key role.

Supporting the National Policy Forum is your opportunity to contribute to the development of that policy, a healthy democracy and a stronger nation.

View membership packages by opening / downloading the NPF e-Brochure PDF and when you are ready to get on board, download the Member Application form. When you have completed it you may email it to

For all membership inquiries, please contact the National Policy Forum on 02 6273 3272 or email